Registration of U.S. Aircraft by Non U.S. Citizens

75% of the world's aircrafts' are N-registered. Thousands of private aircrafts only in Europe. This has more than one cause:

With reference to the airplane:

-The American FAA requirements are less bureaucratic and are mostly oriented on the required safety measures.

-Many maintenance tasks are totally superfluous, from the engine manufacturer there are not prescribed and for other CAA's they may be a requirement. Since the immense and unnecessary cost go on behalf of the owners, the bureaucrats, mostly uninformed, do not bother at all.

These unnecessary costs increase the price of the already expensive flying.

- The annual avionic inspection drop out..
aviation trust

- The problem with the RegTP (radio use EMV, etc.) do not apply.

-Many parts of the aircraft have a time limit, and have to be exchanged , even though they are still in perfect shape. These 'time limits' are more and more scarce in FAA registered aircrafts.

-There are STC= supplemental type certificate for far more (N)aircraft types , that other CAA's do not recognize, and if, only with a high cost.

-Many more modifications and easier and more affordable to do.

-The FAA allows more self-initiative with maintenance, since this can lower the cost considerably.

- Equipment requirements are not as restrictive as with other CAA's, including the time frame.

- One expects more own responsibility, to be able to fly more secure and economically.

- The Airworthiness Certificate has no expiration date and the aircraft will only be inspected once by the FAA.

- The aircraft has only to have an annual inspection, if it gets flown. If it is not flown for any reason, there is no annual inspection necessary. The same goes for the insurance. If you dont fly the aircraft in the winter time, you can suspend the insurance for this period. The is no need to advice the aviation authority (CAA).

- There is no insurance tax.

- If you are looking for an aircraft, you have much more choice, and if you want to sell it, there is a bigger market.

Requirements to the Pilot:

- Hassle for an US medical is minimal.

- US pilot license costs a fraction of the European ones.

- The US license offers in any case lots of advantages:

- The medical requirements are less restrictive.

- The US license does not expire. Even if you don't fly for some years, you can obtain your rating with a check ride. The requirement is a check ride every two years. This is very helpful if you got an IFR or a Multi-Engine rating, which you did not use for some time. In EASA country the licenses expire after 5 years, though now you can make a check ride with a flight instructor and the license is valid again.

- One does not have to prove any minimum flight hours.

- You can fly worldwide with your N-registered aircraft and your stand-alone or validated FAA license and where ever you are, their will be always a mechanic who can legally repair or inspect your aircraft.

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