FAA Aviation Trust-USA

Re-registration, or change from your current Register to the FAA-Register.

To change the ownership or trust of an already N-registered aircraft is done in a few days.
The transfer from your current register to the N-Register will need some additional steps.
We are happy to help you also with the technical side in the settlement.

To avoid complications and finish the process quickly one has to follow certain steps.

There are two basic points:
The First is:
- De-registration from the current register
- Creation of the Trust
- Preparing the required documents
- Applying for the N-Number
- Registration
- Applying for a "radio station license"
- Providing a provisional flight permit

The second point is the technical side.
The creation of the American "Airworthiness Certificate".
We cooperate with a few selected repair stations, which have the know-how and can perform these procedures in the quickest possible time. Their job consist mainly of the following:
- Examination of aircraft log books for completeness
- The presence of type certificate data sheets
- Carrying out a condition inspection
- Annual Inspection
- Label exchange
- Assessment by the FAA DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representive)
- Issuance of Form 8130-6 AC
-Issuing the Airworthiness Certificate,(ready to fly!)

With a good planning the battle is half won.
Normally the whole procedure takes around 4 weeks.

Trust the professionals. A wrong step can cost you a lot of money and pull the whole procedure unnecessarily in length. Let us arrange everything for you.

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If you want to fly without any problems, the N-Registration is your solution. We do all the necessary paperwork. If you bought an airplane in USA and want to ship it to Europe, we can help you.

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